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created 10 July 2004 - updated 25 June 2005

Zentralfriedhof Zentralfriedhof
Opened in 1874, it now hosts 3 Million people.
What could be more interesting to learn photography than good light, quiteness, beautiful surroundings and plenty of time? Well, it took me a while before I visited my first cemetery, Vienna's Zentralfriedhof, but I went there again and again, during all seasons and all kinds of weather. It's always beautiful and it's always interesting and it's huge. OVer 3 million people have been buried here since it was opened in 1874, which is nearly twice as much as the number of people currently living in Vienna.

The most beautiful part is the old jewish cemetery. It's being disused since the second world war and it was not cleaned and maintained until 2000. Trees and shrubberies growing over the graves, broken and partly illegible headstones everywhere, it was very nice. Unfortunately they have since then restored many graves, put them on concrete foundations, cleaned the headstones. Hopefully it will be an one-time action and then nature may take over again.

It took me an even longer time to visit the Sankt Marxer Friedhof, which is actually just around the corner from my place but I once went there during the winter and it was a long, cold and windy way and I was starving so it seemed to be a lot further away than it really was and it took me two years to finally go back and see it. Well, it was awesome! The cemetery was opened in 1784 and closed in 1874, when the Zentralfriedhof was opened. Some 8000 people have been burried here, from different religions. The headstones are mostly made out of sandstone, which is a very weak material so all headstones are very weathered.

The religious kitsch ornaments that decorate many graves are sometimes really nice. Some day I want to have my own little sandstone angel somewhere...
St. Marxer Friedhof St. Marx
Opened over 200 years ago, closed well over 100 years ago, it's one of the last remaining Biedermeier cemetery in the world.
St. Marxer Friedhof St. Marx   [2]
Been there so often, also to test out some of my old folding cameras so here some more pictures.

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