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Created 3 December 2003 ... Updated 12 September 2008

Favourite online Galleries

What I like is basic, no frills, people photography, no complex studio lighting, no so-called "glamour shots" where the model first has to go through heavy treatment by a make-up artist, wearing clothing they would normally never wear, and actually noone does and where the photog is using the heaviest Softar filter he owns to get rid of any indications that a model actually is a real natural person. No, I prefer a basic lighting set up and real people with real expressions.

Enjoy some of my favourite Galleries on the Web.

Some excellent Wedding, Event and People photography.
links Jonathan in Japan
Look at those colours, this light...
Excellent medium format photography.
Back to the basics: some great examples of what can be done with natural light indoors. Especially the beauty and portrait galleries stand out.
links galleries
Many hunderds, when not thousands of photogalleries, some excellent, some good and some not. :o)
links Anton Corbijn
My all-time favourite professional photographer. Very interesting to see famous faces in an entire new, and very powerful, light. His book "Star Trak" is my absolute favourite, the Jody Foster picture is awesome in it's simplicity.

Zeiss Ikon 515

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