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NL BT programming

Created 25 July 1997 ... Updated 29 February 2004

My hobbies

Programming has always been one of my hobbies. The first three years in BT, programming time was mostly spent on the development of utilities to be used in my job.. After IŽd quit that job however I never did any progamming anymore as I was too busy travelling so no news from that part of my life.

Tymmap2 My most welknown program is Tymmap2 which is used on most BT helpdesks across Europe and in all of BT's Global Customer Service Centres around the world. Using this tool it is possible to monitor the backbone of the CPS network or sub-networks of BT's customers.

Teleconv After some other utilities I wrote the Telecommunications Converter which proved to be a very valuable tool in a telecommunications environment. It can convert Ascii, Hex and Decimal values, it contains X.25 clearing and diagnostics codes and converts Tymnet traces into a more legible format. It's an MDI application which makes it a good NotePad replacement as well.

To learn more about Tymnet, BT and to get the free software, connect to The Tymnet Page. Note that my software is available free online as of December 1998. Most of Tymmap2 is now pretty much obsolete but the TeleConverter can be useful to everyone and is extremely useful to people who do the support on CPS.

Update - February 2004

Both systems are obsolete now, Tymnet has been closed down only a few weeks ago. We've all been working hard (me until November 2002) to migrate the last customers off of Tymnet and we have succeeded, all customers have been migrated onto more current networks. An era has come to an end...