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Created 7 July 2004 ... Updated 30 December 2004

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My life in Vienna

Sjacherijn •  7 July 2004

Here; swear, then, how thou escapest
Swum ashore, man, like a duck; I can swim like a duck, I'll be sworn.
Here, kiss the book. Though thou canst swim like a duck, thou art made like a goose.
O Stephano, hast any more of this?

        William Shakespeare - The Tempest
I really like the old English from Shakespeare's times and since I like old books too, what better to do than look in the antiquarian bookshops for the very old books. Recently I've found an 1810 Version. The old paper, the old cover, covered in old dust. Things I really enjoy. So of course it had to be bought and as the price was right it was not a hard decision to make.

Yes, I have to admit, I'm an book, camera and chair fetishist. Bought an old glass-plate camera recently and today I picked up a very nice old chair. Think it's going to be my new office chair. The apartment is slowly getting too full but well, one day I might buy my own little castle somewhere :o)

•  9 July 2004
Unnecessary to say that I've taken a lot a impressions from my trip to Australia. Already like the band Midnight Oil before but since I've seen them perform life on stage and seen their country I really enjoy watching their DVD 20,000 Watt RSL. Dreams, memories, good memories(!), dreaming, dreaming more. Just bought an interview CD from 1990 where they talk about their album "Blue Sky Mining" and yes, some things became a little more clear and made me understand their lyrics a little more. Really enjoy thinking about that part of my life, mainly good memories... That's what life should be about: good clean fun, as Midnight Oil tries to make clear on their Breathe album.
some things don't come for free
some things aren't meant to be

        Midnight oil - Put down that weapon
Ben •  3 August 2004
Somehow none of my projects at work seem to be useful. Well, I've done a lot and I've learnt a lot but when making the final business-case, none of the projects seem to be economically feasible. Not enough internet traffic to warrant cost reductions getting some direct lines to specific locations, prices going down quickly so it doesn't make sense do try to build some new systems to save some costs over the next 5 years and so on but at least it now has been proven some things don't make sense from a business point of view.

      Quad erat demonstrandum

Ah well, it's still very interesting to think about new ways of doing things and to design and calculate the cost of these ideas and of course it's nice to be creative writing and designing presentations and it's nice to slowly build a reputation in the company so I'm very happy in my current job.

In the mean time I've done some photography again. Haven't taken any pictures since I did my last theater work in spring and suddenly took 6 rolls of film. Took some pictures of a friend who told me she never looked good on pictures, always tensed or "weird" or whatever. Well, we ended up with many very nice pictures, she was happy and I got some practise taking portraits again.

Last weekend we went on a long weekend mountain trip in Austria. We did it the easy way: saving 1200 metres walking up and 1200 metres walking down by taking the ski-lift so we "only" had to walk up from 1800 metres till just over 2100. We had great weather and great views and there weren't too many people and there were cows! I just love these girls with their big black eyes and pacifist attitude so couldn't resist and had to take some pictures. Took some B/Ws as well so it's time to get the black-and-white developer chemicals out of the closet again :o)

In two weeks time we'll go to the Netherlands and Belgium. Visit some friends, my parents, my grand-dad, who is 89 already and Belgium since Katrin had neither been to Brussels nor to Paris before and I like Brussels best. Years ago I often visited my Belgium friends but somehow we lost contact. Hopefully we can find the nice places in BRX again, the "Bourse Cafe", the small theater and some of the nice cafes we went to.
Man wirkt nicht mit Worten auf die Andern,
Mit seinem Wesen tut man es

        Romain Roland

Loewin •  6 August 2004
Work is getting more and more interesting, discovered some connections between projects today, combining things, developing strategies, being creative, just the thing I've been looking for over the past years. Coming from a customer service environment where you were creative trying to solve a problem, trying to find the reason behind a network outage I'd learnt enought to become a customer network designer, where I've learnt a lot more so I could get this job as core network designer which gives me an even better network overview, even more creative possibilities and definitely more strategic possibilities. Feeling really well with my tasks.

outbreak of love

        Midnight Oil

•  3 September 2004
After two weeks of having worked hard on my projects, I had two weeks holidays. Two weeks spent in Amsterdam and Brussels. Two weeks with a lot of rain, gray skies and rain. Well, it was dark and rainy but we still had a good time. Was nice to see my family again, to see some friends again and nice to see Brussels again, hadn't seen the city centre for years but it was still as I remembered it. In Amsterdam we've rediscovered Harry's books at the Waterlooplein and of course every time we passed by, we just had to buy some books so when I packed my backpack it turned out to be very very heavy. Well, found some nice books and we didn't have to walk far, thanks to Carla, who brought us to the train. Now it's really time to build a new bookshelve  :o)

•  8 October 2004
Having bought many new books, and still buying some occasionally, it was time for a new bookshelf. Of course, not having a car I decided to buy the parts at the DYI shop and transporting them home. Well, the shop is not too far away and I had done that before so it would work this time as well, I thought. The 2.5 meter long sides were easy, strapped them to the bike and walked home. As the company computersite is close to the shop, I thought it would be easy to pick up some smaller boards after work, without bike. 4 boards were easy to carry and so seemed 6 and well, to go back to pick up the last 2 would be useless so why not buy 8 boards in one go. Well, they were a little heavy to carry for half an hour and my arms got very long :o)

But the next day the bookshelf was ready and I discovered I don't have enought books to fill it up! So maybe it's time to go to the Fleamarket and buy some more books.

Then I've finally bought a large format camera, 4x5". Have been looking at them for a few years now and finally decided to buy one. An expensive present for myself but well, that will be the last camera I'll buy... I think. Well, ok, think not but have to keep myself in control and try not to buy more. There is only one photoshop in Wien that I know of that sells large format film. Well, there used to be two but one is more or less bankrupt and they cannot buy any more products and they were out of LF film. Won't get the camera till next week, hope it's still nice enough weather to go out and play with it.

The work is going well, many, many things to do but all of them interesting things. Very happy with my job. the only thing I don't like about it is that there are so many people involved in every decision-making process that it usually takes very long to get everyone on line. Then everyone seems to be stuck in meetings all the time so it's very hard to get hold of people. Ah well, nothing I can do about it but wait and keep trying.

My performance contract seems to work out. One of the things I will get money for is when I save cost. Just did some negotiations with some of our providers and did save a considerable amount of money. Unfortunately I only get a very little part of it.

•  2 November 2004
Today I started working again after a short, one week, holiday. I've been across the border to Bratislava, been on a one day, 10 hour, hiking trip to Mariazell with perfect hiking weather, I've taking pictures at the baptism of a friend's daughter and taken pictures at Katrin's university party (she completed her studies!). So no long trips abroad but it was nice to have a break from the normal working life. I needed that after having worked for nearly half a year. :o)

Further on the photography front there have been some changes in my camera collection, as said with last update. The camera arrived a few weeks ago and of course I wanted to buy the negative development items as well plus some more film backs so to be short: I haven't taken any pictures yet but I nearly possess all things needed so maybe next weekend there will be a short trip to the cemetary to try out my new toy. It's amazingly huge and it looks so cool. As soon as there are some self taken - self developed pictures to show I'll upload them, that's promissed.

You leave in the morning
With everything you own
In a little black case
Alone on a platform
The wind and the rain
On a sad and lonely face

        Jimmy Sommerville - Smalltown Boy

•  22 November 2004
Well, instead of having taken pictures with the Busch-Pressman, I took some with my, also fairly new, Kodak Retina 2C. Definitely a great camera, it only has some normal wear on the top but it works like new, out of the factory. Smooooooooth.

Stress at work, my ongoing projects not ready yet - but well on their way to get ready - and some new projects started. It's nice to work like that. Learning a lot, not only technical things but also about the current telecommunications market, prices, products, contracts and developments.

Then last week we went to Herman van Veen. In The Netherlands he's been "always there" but to see him in Wien on stage is something different. When you get a chance to see him perform live, try not to miss him!
The story of El Salvador
The silence of Hiroshima
Destruction of Cambodia

Short memory, must have a short memory

        Midnight Oil - Short Memory

•  30 December 2004
Let's finish the year with a quote from 1920 which is still as actual today.
Wie sinnlos ist alles, was je geschrieben, getan, gedacht wurde, wenn so etwas möglich ist! Es muß alles gelogen und belanglos sein, wenn die Kultur von Jahrtausenden nicht einmal verhindern konnte, daß diese Ströme von Blut vergossen wurden...

        Erich Maria Remarque - Im Westen nichts Neues

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