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Created 24 July 2006 ... Updated 31 October 2006

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My life in Vienna

•  24 July 2006
Vienna during the sommer is great, very warm but there are so many things to do. Outdoor cinema, bathing on the Donau Insel, cycling, restaurants, cafes or just sitting in a park. Enjoying all of it. Went to several movies, the 1930s Sunset Boulevard, the original King Kong (great special effects) and went to the Stadtkino Sommer Kino many times instead of buying a TV set, it's nicer to go to the small program cinema next door, nice people and it's a nice ritual to buy a drink and waiting for the film to start.

Graz - Bar in the Mur A few weeks ago I went to Kärnten with a friend. We rented a car, put in the tent and just drove somewhere south, looking for a warm spot to stay. Well, we found a great place and we had a great weekend. It's so easy to just plan nothing and do whatever you feel like, just being free. On the way back we decided to go to Graz as we'd both never been there. It happened to be very nice and we both want to return and see more of it.

•  31 July 2006
This weekend I went to Staatz with a few friends to watch the musical "Les Misèrables". We expected some amateur version of the show but it was a very professionally made show, with great singers so it was a great performance. The girls had seen the original Vienna version for over 40 times so they could compare this version to their memories and it held up very well. Next year they will play "Scarlett Pimpernel" which had it's premiere a few years ago in Halle, Germany when I'm not mistaken. Go watch it!

On the other hand I'm a little sad. After having looked for a new position within the company for a few months, I finally found a great one in a very nice team at the beginning of the month. Trying to organise things with my manager, his manager and his manager did not work too well and told me a lot about how our management works and thinks. In the end we have come to a solution but I wanted to start in the new job in September which does not seem possible. Will be more like November. Well, we'll try to make a smooth transition but still, would have been nicer when everyone would not have made so many problems. Good thing to know it will all be behind me soon.

Oh my dear Grogan, if you knew themess my life was in... the waste of it... the uselessness of it. I have no moral purpoise, no real sense of duty to anything. It seems only a few months ago that I was twenty-one - full of hopes... all disappointed. And now to get entangled in this miserable business...

        John Fowles - the French lieutenant's woman
Aflenz Erdefunkstelle Telekom Austria •  31 October 2006
Life's been a very busy lately. Just before beginning my new job I had to get rid of at least some of my free days so creativity was asked for. It all started in the Netherlands where I met my best friend and enjoyed Amsterdam. Afterwards a talk about a new web design project which is going to be developed in another technology than I have used up to now. But have done some studying, installing and trying and things should be fine. Afterwards there was a week-long trip to Hamburg to meet some friends. Nice weather, great people and trying to be a good baby-sitter made fun. A visit to my my Vet-friend in Austria and a visit to beautiful Prague closed the series of holidays. Of course normal work also had to continue so it was not only relaxing but a highly enjoyable last month in my old job nevertheless.

Tomorrow my new job as web designer for Telekom Austria will begin. My first working day will be a public holiday, seems to get a tradition as the first working day in my previous job also started with a day off :o)

Aber wie deutlich begriff ich, als dann meine eigenen Bücher aus der deutschen Sprache verschwanden, seine Klage, nur in Übertragungen, in verdünntem, verändertem Medium das geschaffene Wort zur Entscheidung bringen können!

        Stefan Zweig - Die Welt von Gestern

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