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Agfa Isolette V

Agfa Isolette V My version of the Agfa Isolette V has a Agfa Agnar 85mm, f:4.5 lens instead of the more common Apotar Lens.

These cameras came with either a Prontor (marked "Pronto") or the cheaper Vario shutter. The view finder ist just a very basic, small peep-hole in the top cover but it works.

Negative format is 6 x 6 cm which is very large compared to the camera dimensions. Lens quality is fine for normal use but of course you cannot expect Hasselblad Quality from this camera designed for the masses.

Manufacturor  :  Agfa
Model  :  Isolette V
Type  :  Folding camera
Produced  :  1950 - 1952
K.D. Müller Reference  :  57230
Film  :  120 roll film
Picture size  :  60 x 60 mm
Made in  :  Germany
Quantity Made  : 
Original List Price  : 
Material  :  Leatherette covered metal
Lens  :  AGFA Agnar 1:4,5 F=85mm Serial# 458699
Filter size  :  clip on filter
Focusing  :  manual, lens front element.
Focus range  :  1 meter - infinity
Viewfinder  :  simple view finder.
Shutter  :  Pronto B, 25, 50, 100, 200 and T through slider on the front lens standard
Aperture  :  4,5 - 32
Self timer  :  none
Exposure  :  manual.
Exposure meter  :  none
Battery  :  none
Flash  :  Cold shoe on top with PC sync connector on the lens. Probably bulbs only
Flash Contact  :  PC Sync connector
Film Advance  :  Winding knob. Non coverable red window on the back.
Other  : 
Dimensions  :  145 x 95 x 45 closed, 145 x 95 x 100 opened (l x w x h)
Weight  : 
Body serial number  : 
Collection status  :  to be sold
Agfa Isolette V

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