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Contessa-Nettel Yashica A TLR Six-16 Brownie

Created 13 August 2000 ... Updated 28 June 2009

Classic Camera Collection

Why would anyone collect old cameras, they might be dusty, broken and they for sure use film that you have to develop in smelly chemicals... My story can be found here: How it started.

camera The cameras

Twin Lens Reflex Large Format 35mm compact cameras
Twin Lens Reflex
Yashica A and D TLR
Welta Reflekta II
Large Format
Cambo SC2
Busch Pressman D
Siegfried Wachtl Wien
Contessa-Nettel Volupa
35mm Compact Cameras
Agfa Optima 500 S
Canon A35F
Canonet 28
Kodak Retina
Konica C35A

Olympus Trip 35
Pentacon Electra
Ricoh 35 ZF
Rollei Prego

Russian Cameras

Folding Cameras Boxcameras

Russian Cameras
FED Mikron
Zorki 10
Folding cameras
Zeiss Ikon Nettar 515
Agfa Billy Record 7.7
Agfa Billy Clack 74
Agfa Solinette II
Agfa Isolette I, V
Balda Jubilette
Goerz Roll-Tenax
Rodenstock 6x6
Box cameras
Voigtländer Brilliant
Coronet Conway
Kodak Brownies
Agfa Box

Modern Classics Advanced Photo System SLR - Single Reflex
Modern Classics
Hasselblad 500 EL/M
Hasselblad 500 C
Praktica MTL5b
Polaroid SX-70
Advanced Photo System
Single Reflex
Cinon CX

Canon EOS Exposure meters

Film Equipment

Canon EOS
EOS 1000F
EOS 1000
EOS 6xx
Exposure meters
Film Equipment
Movie frames
Celluloid Films

camera List of all cameras
Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, the collection keeps growing. Not that I'm specialising on a certain type of camera but every camera in my collection has something unique, something interesting and well, lately I've been collecting small, modern cameras, from the start of the automatic era from the late 1950s up till the rise and fall of APS cameras during the late 1990s. In other words, he camera categories are becoming rather limiting so it's time for a complete list of all cameras in my collection.

documentation Instructions and other Paperwork
More so than the cameras themselves, the paperwork shows the real age of things. Below some of it. The documents have been scanned and resized to be printed. I have lots of original material, from user manuals, books to catalogues, just ask me and I might be able to help you.
Below is just a small sample, more online documentation is linked through the description page of specific cameras. A complete list of all documentation available on this website, refer to the list of all cameras and documentation on this site.

Manual Contessa-Nettel Manual Contessa-Nettel Belichtungstafel
camera manual
front side
German, 208 Kb
camera manual
back side
German, 264 Kb
Exposure card
German, 457 Kb

Herlango catalogue - Agfa

Herlango catalogue 1931 - Shutters

Kodak 2A Manual
camera catalogue
Agfa folders
German, 697 Kb
1931 Herlango
camera catalogue
Shutter Types
German, 416 Kb
Kodak No.2-A
camera manual
[Acrobat PDF]
English, 975 Kb

links Camera collecting web links
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