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Created 22 October 2005 ... Updated 24 July 2006

Canon EOS
Canon EOS Series When I was 10 years old, I got my first camera, an Agfa Click II which had belonged to my dad since the late 1950s. My second camera was a simple Minolta Riva compact camera (with a big red button on top) which I bought during my time in Germany in the early 1990s. When I decided my pictures were nice but not too sharp, I decided to buy my third camera, a Canon EOS 500. This camera gave me better pictures, sharper, more contrast and I was quite happy with the zoomlens that came in the kit.

Then I felt the need for a larger lens. So I did some research and settled for an original 100 - 300 zoom lens, which proved to be a lot sharper than the kit lens, well, up to about 200 - 250 mm anyway. Being at the shop to buy the new lens I discovered the older EOS 600 camera series. They looked nice and felt great in my hands. Me, being in "need" of a second, backup, body and the cameras being inexpensive, bought a nice EOS 650. Of course having seen that the 100-300 was a lot better than the kit lens, it was time to look for decent glass at the shorter end as well. However, those zoom lenses with a 2.8 aperture don't come cheap so I decided to buy a fixed focus 50 / 1.8 lens. A great lens but sometimes a wide lens would be good to have as well, so a 28mm became part of the collection. As things go, the 650 became my favourite all round camera and another one had to be bought as a backup. It's a good thing that they are so inexpensive nowadays...

Being known for having some good cameras, people started asking for help, where to get a camera repaired, which camera is the best one to buy, how to take better pictures and so on. When someone's camera broke down it would be cheaper to buy a used body but as they might have a problem as well, and come cheap, better buy two in case the first one is a dud. Well, the first one wasn't so now I have some cheaper plastic EOS cameras as well. Start of a new collection, Canon EOS cameras...

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