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Created 20 February 2002 ... Updated 30 August 2009

Camera Collecting Web Links

Polaroid SX 70

the Web site of an incurable photographica collector. features a highly interesting collection of cameras and camera related items. Scott, the owner of this site, seems not so much interested in the average camera but more in special cameras, mechanically, optically, historically or otherwise.

Also some interesting paperwork such as a 1920s Contessa-Nettel sales broshure and a customer satisfaction leaflet for a Brownie 616 camera. The site loads very fast and is very easy to navigate. Also visit his links page, a lot of interesting links can be found there.

Kodak cameras, how to's, manuals, hints and tips and much much more on this website.

Wiki with a lot of information on old(er) cameras. As with any Wiki, you can always add, modify and remove information. Have other help you and you can help others too!

Cosmonet - the classic camera

Descriptions of about 500 classic cameras, lenses and accessories.

Peter Lutz

Website of camera collector. Some very nice cameras there.

David Richert

How to take apart, clean, repair and rebuild an Agfa medium format folding camera. Many tips will also work fo other cameras.

Matt Denton

Information on many cameras. Nice clean layout and many links.

For all your questions. The site is not so much dedicated to old cameras but does have good beginners sections and great, well visited, forums. It's best to pass by once a day and read the forums on large- and medium format, camera equipment, vintage cameras and many more...
Robert Monaghan

This page contains a lot of information about the Medium Format and when I say a lot, I mean a lot. A small selection of its contents:

Michael Butkus

Looking for a manual of your newly acquired old(-er) camera? This site is the first one to visit. Do not forget to pay the modest fee when you're happy with the manual you have downloaded.

Gossen Lightmeters

The official web site of Gossen, the exposure meter manufacturor.

Contains information about their current product line and a collectors section where all their old meters are introduced.

Photo Ethnography

Many, many cameras including extensive information, descriptions, thoughts, hints'n'tips and many informative links.

A large collection of the very rare 4,5 x 6cm plate cameras.

Also the home of the Preisführer für Photograhica, the German McKeown, albeit without the colour pictures and for a lot less money.

A very large camera collection. The site design is very nice and the camera information is extensive and well presented.

A primer on camera collecting, what to look for, what to look out for, dating old cameras and so on. One of the better sites for when you start a camera collection.

A membership allows you entrance to camera pricing information.

100 years of camera history. Contains information about old cameras and how to restore them.


This site has information about a few cameras but its main attraction is downloadable instruction manuals for classic cameras and light meters.

Buying Classic Cameras

This page contains a well written, short history on Medium Format cameras. A must read for those who would like to collect (and use) these older cameras. There is some other information on this site as well but unfortunately most pages show under construction.

Huge portal with many exotic cameras, many links and a camera appraisal service.

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