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Created 6 June 2001 ... Updated 21 June 2009

Praktica MTL5b
Modern Classics
Many modern cameras look very much alike but there are some exceptions. For instance some of the Polaroid cameras, although sold by the millions, became real classics just because of their look.

When looking for a simple manual camera, I, of course, came across the Praktica. Made during the 1980s it's a very basic M42 camera but it's built like a Russian tank: very crude but very reliable. Unfortunaly that cannot be said of the M42 lenses, many of them cannot be used anymore because of a stuck aperture system. The spring was simply not strong enough to keep it's tension over the years. Ah well, they're cheap to replace and there are many cheap and working lenses, just go to your local photo shop...

Rolls Royce under the cameras, the Hasselblad V-series is pure excellency. Well, mechanically that is. They're old fashioned, the huge mirror provides plenty opurtunity for severe shakes and the camera makes a lot of noise. The motorized versions are heavy, very heavy. But the craftmanship shows and these beast are truly indestructible. After a long time thinking wether I should buy one or not, I simply bought one, not cheap but now I have one in my collection and it is a great tool and it really makes me happy to lug it around and take pictures with. Shame that the lenses and accessories are so expensive though. Then a few months later, instead of buying a second back, I got a good deal on a back plus a camera plus a view finder. So now I own two Hassies, and more are on their way    :o)

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The Hasselblad Guide
Focal Press
Third Edition, July 1969
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