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Kodak Retina 2C 35mm Rangefinder Cameras
Range finder cameras are also called "Leica Style" cameras. On one hand you have the cheap Leica copies like the Russian FEDs and on the other hand you have excellent quality cameras like the Kodak Retina series. Although not as popular as they once were, this type of cameras is still being produced and although expensive (or because they are expensive?) still have a strong base of enthousiasts.

Main advantage is that these cameras usually don't make a lot of noise when taking a picture. The shutter is either in the lens or a cloth shutter is being used. No strong movements inside when pressing the shutter button and no moving mirrors. Great for "stealth" photography and great in places where you don't want to be heard taking pictures.

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35mm Range finder Cameras

links Agfa Optima 500 S
links Canon A35F
links Canonet 28 new
links FED-2 Type II
links Hanimex RF35
links Kodak Retina 2C
links Konica C 35A
links Minolta AL-F
links Minolta Hi-Matic F
links Rollei Prego Zoom
links Yashica Campus
links Yashica EE
links Yashica Lynx 5000e (I C)

35mm View finder Cameras

links ADOX POLOmatic 3
links AkArette
links Braun Paxette
links Kodak Instamatic 500
links Kodak Retina S1
links Olympus Trip 35
links Pentacon Electra
links Ricoh 35 EFS
links Ricoh 35 ZF
links Yashica Half 17EE Rapid
links Yashica EZ-matic

35mm SLR

links Yashica Samurai X3.0
links Yashica Samurai X4.0

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links A large collection of Soviet-Russian cameras.

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