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Yashica EE

Yashica EE Another sample of the so-called camera chrome age, i.e. the 1960s. The Yashica EE type designation was used with two different lenses, the very good 4.5cm f 1:2.8 and the great 4.5cm f 1:1.9 which was also used for the Lynx 1000. For years this camera was an insider tip. It may be used with full automatic exposure or with full manual settings so even when the selenium cell is used up, you may still use the camera. Even the light traps around the film compartment are holding up well or may be replaced easily using the seals from "Interslice". So it's a good idea to check the light seals and repair them before you shoot your first test film.

Yashica also made some other cameras during this time, including the Yashica Campus which is very similar but lacking the exposure meter. Even the parts are very similar as can be seen in the picture at the bottom of this page.

Manufacturor  :  Yashica
Model  :  Yashica EE
Type  :  35mm rangefinder camera
Produced  :  1962
K.D. Müller Reference  :  K 107166
Film  :  35mm (Type 135)
Picture size  :  24 x 36 mm
Made in  :  Japan
Material  :  Metal, partly chrome plated
Lens  :  Fixed. Yashinon f=4.5cm f 1:2.8 Serial# 197214
An f 1:1.9 version was available as well
Filter size  :  approx. 52 mm, filter placed in front of the exposure cell so no manual filter factor calculations needed.
Focusing  :  Coupled Rangefinder
Focus range  :  0,8 meter - infinity
Viewfinder  :  Bright finder with basic parallax correction marks, so you still need to think and guesstimate the actual picture you'll be taking on close distances.
The exposure meter reading is placed in a small slit above the view finder which takes a little to get used to but works perfectly fine.
Shutter  :  Leaf shutter. 1 - 1/500 second. Copal SVA
Aperture  :  automatic: f/2.8 - f/16.
Self timer  :  none
Exposure  :  Automatic with manual shutter speed priority where the aperture is set automatically
Exposure meter  :  Selenium cell around to the lens with read out above the view finder windows
Battery  :  none
Flash  :  X (electronic flash) and M (bulb) settings. Cold shoe on top of the camera.
Flash Contact  :  Contact on the left hand side of the body.
Film Advance  :  Manual, single stroke using lever on top of the camera
Dimensions  :  130 x 88 x 32 mm
130 x 88 x 71 including lens
How to open the film compartment  :  switch lever at the bottom left hand side to the O position and push.
Body serial number  :  LE 2111067
Collection status  :  to be sold
Yashica EE
Left: Yashica EE and on the right the Yashica Campus
Left: Yashica EE and on the right the Yashica Campus

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