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Olympus Trip 35

Olympus Trip 35 I actually bought this camera to take it with me on short trips where I wanted a small camera. However, it is broken with dents on the top and dents on both sides of the lens barrel and the back won't open so I bought another one and kept this one for spares. Well, somehow I did not get around using the other one either sind I discovered the all-auto Olympus Mju series with the very good lens so the Trips were just stored in a box and partly forgotten. Until I decided to open the box and to see what was in there.

On the first sight this camera is your basic, standard late 1970s small box. However, the thing that sets this camera apart from the competition is its very sharp and contrasty lens.

Before you use this camera, make sure the light seals are still ok. The light seals used could have gooyed up, as with many other cameras from the 1960s - 1970s. You may use new seals from "Interslice" which do work fine in my experience.

Where it describes use of elecronic flash, the manual gets a little confusing. Christian Klammer from Germany has confirmed that using the hot shoe with modern electronic flash works perfectly fine. The reason for the confusion migh be based on the fact that electronic flash with hot-shoe support was still unusual in the 1960s so you had to use the PC sync connector instead. Anyway, there is no need to rig up some connectors, cables, flash brackets and a sync cable. Just slide the flash into the hot shoe on top of the camera and you'll be fine.

Manufacturor  :  Olympus
Model  :  Olympus Trip 35
Type  :  35mm view finder camera
Produced  :  1977
K.D. Müller Reference  :  K
Film  :  35mm (Type 135)
Film speed settings  :  ASA 25 - 400
Picture size  :  24 x 36 mm
Made in  :  Japan
Material  :  Aluminium
Lens  :  Fixed.
Olympus D.Zuiko 1:2.8 f=40mm
4 elements in 3 groups
Filter thread  :  43.5mm screw-in (45mm slip-on)
Focusing  :  manual through focus ring, portrait and landscape symbols
Focus range  :  0,8 meter - infinity
Viewfinder  :  Bright view finder with basic marks
Aperture setting and focus symbol are blendet in.
Exposure warning through bright red sign.
Shutter  :  Leaf shutter. 1/40 or 1/200 aperture priority or full automatic
Aperture  :  automatic: f/2.8 - f/22.
Self timer  :  none
Exposure  :  automatic or aperture priority
Exposure meter  :  selenium around the lens
Battery  :  none
Flash  :  Cold shoe on top of the camera.
Flash Contact  :  PC sync connector next to the lens barrel
Using flash  :  Connect the electronic flash to a bracket and hook it up with the camera using a PC sync cord. According to the manual, the hot shoe is syncd for us with flash bulbs. This somehow sounds unrealistic for a 1970 camera but alas, when it sais so in the official manual, who am I to disagree?
Select the aperture corresponding with the distance of your subject and the shutter speed sets itself to 1/40 second.
Film Advance  :  Manual, thumb wheel at the back
Dimensions  :  very small and handy
Body serial number  :  1971203
Collection status  :  to be sold
Olympus Trip 35

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