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Film Equipment
Ditmar Dual Gauge Some day I found an large cardbox box with what looked like old photography equipment offered for sale on eBay. Although the picture was very small it looked like there was an old film projector in there as well so I bought it for one euro. I should not have done that, it was the start of a new collection, a collection of old movie equipment.

This projector is a Ditmar dual format projector made in the 1930s. Many versions have been made till late 1950s. My projector is the pre-war black version made for 9.5mm and 16mm silent movies. The original spool arms could only hold smaller spools but is a larger arm for use with larger spools. Unfortunately there were neither films nor spare spools in the box so it was time for checking the internet again, trying to find information, spools, films and a replacement for the dried and broken rubber belts.

Replacing the belts

Unfortunately the local shops got rid of most of there film equipment a few years ago. They could however have the belt remade but this turned out to be expensive and the belt did not fit correctly. Searching the internet unveiled the site of Gerhard Giessmann and I ordered the starter set. Upon arrival I read the instructions carefully and although it all sounded a little difficult, it proved to be very easy to obtain good results.

Pathe Baby Film Finding films

Finding film in 16mm silent format with double perforation turned out not to be too easy, many 16mm movies for sale but most are in single perforation sound format. But eBay is a great source for anything and when your patient enough, you can always find old black and white silent movies.

Finding 9.5mm movies is also not too difficult, there is Apparently this home cinema format was most popular in France, where it was invented, and in England. Many films to be had, and especially funny are the short Pathée films that come in metal containers. Since 9.5mm films was targeted to amateur filmers sometimes a nice personal movie comes up for sale, showing life in the 1930s. Seems to be the start of yet another collection. Check my celluloid pages for information on my film collection.

How it works

Since I had never every played films, I kind of had to guess how things worked but was more-or-less stuck as it looked easy to break things. Fortunately there was another Ditmar Dual Gouge projector for sale and it included the original instruction manual. So I asked the buyer to send me a copy of the manual, which he did for a small fee. This got me started and I got hooked on projecting movies. Forget the high tech digital home cinema projectors, they are nothing more than expensive toys. Real projectors are the thing, the engine running, the smell of hot grease and warmed up old dust, the huge flimmering pictures on the wall, you'll just have to love it! Granted, changing reels every 10-15 minutes is a little tedious after a while but this is magic, a real low tech experience.
Just to get you started I have made some instruction manuals available for free download.

Please do not resell the manuals, link to the pdf directly or upload them to other internet servers

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camera The equipment
links Ditmar 2960 Dual Gauge
links Bolex 8-15 Automatic
links "Ozaphan"-Film-Projektor Nr. 2 (Norris Kadett)

links Eumig C3 Camera
links Eumig C3M Camera
links Eumig MINI 3 Servofocus
links Pentaka 8B Camera
links Revue Cockpit S/8 RM

Celluloid Films
links the Celluloid Film collection
links Single movie frames

documentation Documentation
Bedienungsanleitung Ditmar 2960 Dual Gauge - 1.1 Mb [pdf] Gebrauchsanweisung Projektor Bolex 18-5 automatic - 1.0 Mb [pdf] Gebrauchsanweisung Ozaphan-Film-Projektor - 612 Kb [pdf]
Ditmar 2960 Projector
German, 1.1 Mb [pdf]
Bolex 18-5 Projector
German, 1.0 Mb [pdf]
Ozaphan Projector
( Norris Kadett )
German, 612 Kb [pdf]

Manual Eumig C3m - 4.5 Mb [pdf] Anleitung Pentaka 8B - 262 Kb [pdf] Pathe Lux Projector 1931
Eumig C3m Camera
German, 4.5 Mb [pdf]
Pentaka 8B camera
German, 262 Kb [pdf]
Pathé Lux Projector
Catalogue 1931
German, 44 Kb

Manual Rumi Normal 8 Super Splicer 295 Kb [pdf] Manual Eumig Splicer 500 Kb [pdf] Film Run Times
Rumi Splicer
295 Kb [pdf]
Eumig Splicer 1960s
500 Kb [pdf]
Film Run Times
correlation between
length and run time
L in Meters, 46 Kb [pdf]
L in Feet, 46 Kb [pdf]

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Illustration from Siegfried Wachtl 1928

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