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Created 25 May 2007 ... Updated 25 May 2007

Ozaphan 16mm Film
"Ozaphan"-Film-Projektor Nr. 2
Norris Kadett - Ozaphan film projektor Nr. 2 Ozaphan was the brandname for short 16mm film clips one could watch or splice in their own movies to make the show more juicy. Besides making film clips, the company also sold rebatched film projektors. These projektors are very simple, hand-cranked, low light machines and appear to be, at least often very similar to the Norris Kadett series. The two projectors I own might actually be rebranded Norris equipment for the German and Austrian market.

"Ozaphan"-Film-Projektor Nr. 2

Type  :  Projector for 16 mm silent film
Manufactured  :  1930s?
Lens  : 
Speeds  :  hand cranked
Power  :  220 Volt either with external or internal power supply.
Spool size  : 
Film Format  :  16 mm silent

documentation Documentation
Gebrauchsanweisung Ozaphan-Film-Projektor - 612 Kb [pdf]
Ozaphan Projector
( Norris Kadett )
German, 612 Kb [pdf]
Norris Kadett - Ozaphan film projektor Nr. 2
Norris Kadett - Ozaphan film projektor Nr. 2

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