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Created 25 May 2007 ... Updated 29 May 2009

Pentaka 8B
Pentaka 8B The Pentaka 8B is often seen as a cheap basic double8 film camera but it is actually very nice. It offers all the basics and a little more such as lens change, clockwork (wind) motor and it's very small. Unfortunately the camera is covered with blue paper which often got loose at the corners but this can easily be glued back in place.

Pentaka 8B

Type  :  Camera for double-8 movie stock
Manufactured  : 
Lens  :  Jana B 12,5 mm (standard)
Jena Flektogon 2/55 mm, Jena B 2/25 mm, Jena S 2,8/40 mm
Speeds  :  8, 16, 24 and 48 frames per second
View finder  :  Optical with parallax correction
Additional features  :  Film meter counter
"end of film" warning
connection for the optional Pentafot automatic exposuremeter
Motor  :  clockwork
Film Format  :  double-8

documentation Documentation
Anleitung Pentaka 8B - 262 Kb [pdf]
Pentaka 8B camera
German, 262 Kb [pdf]
Pentaka 8B

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