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Created 3 December 2005 ... Updated 4 December 2005

Movie frames
Opening a newly bought old roll of film is always exciting, you never know the state of the film or whats on there. Sometimes people offer snippets of film for sale, especially in the 35mm format. Not sure why these parts got separated from the larger film as most of them will run less than a few minutes but well, it's great to look at the single frames and discover any differences between them, people moving, people not moving, heads turning, very funny indeed.

Movie Frames
Even though I don't know which movie this film snippet came from, it's hilarious. A man stands by a lake fishing, but as soon as he catches something, he turns into a woman.

the Indian
Movie Frames
An indian is a savage beast, fighting the friendly explorers but in the end they can be tamed. Note how much he doesn't look like a real indian, he rather looks like a white guy dressed up like an indian  :o)

the Goat
Movie Frames
As much as the indians were dangerous and wild people, black people were always laughing and very funny.

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