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Created 29 May 2009 ... Updated 29 May 2009

Revue Cockpit S/8 RM

Revue Cockpit S/8 RM Revue was used as a brand name for the Germany-based Quelle mail order company. They tried to sell inexpensive cameras to the masses by buying an entire or part of a production run from camera manufacturers. Sometimes the cameras were bad, sometimes good and sometimes excellent. This way some highly regarded Japanese range finder still cameras found their way to the german public. So when you know what you're buying, you might get lucky with the Revue brand.

The Chinon-made Revue Cockpit film cameras for Super-8 is such an insider-tip. The camera is very heavy (nearly 2 kilos!), fully made of metal, has many cool features only found in much more expensive cameras and the extreme zoom lens is more than sharp enough for the super-8 format and has a large aperture, enabling filming during low-light conditions. This is an SLR film camera meaning that what you see is what you get, just like with a single lens reflex still camera.

Chinon has produced the most Super8 cameras worldwide so they are abundant on the used market. However, one of the issues with the 1970s-built versions is their eyecap. It quickly went all gooey and might also have gotten inside the film compartment. So always check this before you buy. You can easily remove the eye cap and replace it with a new one, or a generic one taken from another camera.

The Cockpit has functions such as motor zoom (also manual zoom possible), single frame, macro and auto fade.

Manufacturor  :  Chinon
Model  :  Revue Cockpit S/8 RM
Type  :  Super-8 film camera
Produced  :  1976 - 1979
K.D. Müller Reference  : 
Film  :  super-8 cassette
Picture size  :  super-8
Made in  :  Japan
Quantity Made  :  16 855
Original List Price  : 
Material  :  Metal
Lens  :  Revue reflex zoom obejektiv f:1.7 f=7.5 ~ 60 mm. With macro setting.
Filter size  :  58 mm
Focusing  :  Manual
Focus range  :  1.5 meters - infinity
Viewfinder  :  bright view finder
Speed  :  18, 24 and 48 frames per second and single frame
Aperture  :  1,7
Exposure  :  Auto. Film speed sensing for 25 - 200 asa plus exposure + / - function
Exposure meter  :  built-in TTL CdS Meter.
Winding  :  Electrical
Battery  :  4x standard AA battery in the handle
Film spot contact  :  yes
Other  :  slow motion
Dimensions  :  235 x 70 x 100 mm excluding handle (l x w x h)
235 x 70 x 210 mm including handle
Weight  :  ~ 1850 grams
Body serial number  :  260861 (bottom of handle)
Collection status  :  keeper
Revue Cockpit S/8 RM

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