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Eumig C3M
Eumig C3M After having bought a movie projector, I thought it would be nice to have a film camera as well. Then I remembered having seen the Eumig C3 series a few times and how much I liked them but then decided not to buy it, as one cannot collect everything that looks nice. But now, as part of my one piece movie collection, there would be an excuse to buy one. So I did. Well, it had to be cheap as it's only use was for being a paper-weight, but it still had to work. Well, now I own one and it not only looks great but the inside and mechanics are like new.

The C3 series is for silent Double-8 movie stock. The C3M has, instead of a single lens, a turret with three lenses making for a very quick lens change if needed.

I do have a photocopied manual in German if anyone is interested.

Quick overview

To check if the camera works, following a short description of the various knobs and buttons. Please note that this is only a concise description and not meant to replace the operating instructions or provide you with a full manual of this camera. If you have any questions, you can always contact me. I might be able to assist you in getting your camera working.

Eumig C3M
  1. Turn Switch C so that the red dot lines up with the green dot. This selects continous filming mode.

  2. Turn Switch D so that the 16 on the outside ring lines up with the red dot at the top.

  3. the the inside switch of D back so that the dot on the inside switch lines up with the X on the outside ring.

  4. now turn Switch B counterclockwise so that the left dot on the inner knob lines up with the red dot on the outside. This is what you would do after having put a film in as it trips the film counter mechanism. Apparently an accoustical signal will be given when the film leader is through, then the counter moves further and you should stop shooting at around 7.5 meters (film length) but an audible signal will be given again when you shoot stop filming.

    Eumig C3M
  5. Anyway, you can now wind the clockwork by turning Winding Key A clockwise. Mine seemed to be stuck but a little more pressure solved that. When winding you won't need to let it loose and turn your hand because you can turn it anti-clockwise and then wind further by turning clock-wise.

    You can check the status how far it's wound by checking the axis in the center of the winding key. When the red line on the round sides of the axis line up with the winding key, there's only 10 seconds left. When the red line sticks out more, there's less than 10 seconds left and when the axis has retracted inside the winding key, the clockwork is wound and there's over 10 seconds left (up to 2.5 minutes when wound fully).

  6. Of course there are many other settings such as the light meter, lens, aperture and things but this should get you started.

  7. Now, for filming, press the shutter button on the back. The top one, i.e. the one that sticks out, is for manual operation, the bottom one is for fitting a cable release. Now press the manual shutter button and the motor should start running, the film should start winding and your making a movie... :o)
  8. All C3 Series film cameras have a single-exposure mode. Simply pull the button with the remote release socket (at the back of the camera) and one single frame is taken. Pushing this button makes for normal filming action.
Eumig C3M

Type  :  Silent Movie Camera, Double-8
Manufactured  :  1954 - 1956
Price New  : 
Lens  :  Turret with three lenses: Eumigon 6,25 - 12,5 and 31,25 mm.
Viewfinder  :  parallax corrected
Shutter  : 
Exposure meter  :  an accessory meter could be fitted in from of the view finder
Motor  :  Wind up clock work.
Dimensions  : 
Film Type  :  Double-8 movie stock
Eumig C3M Eumig C3M

documentation Documentation
Manual Eumig C3m - PDF
Eumig C3m Camera
German, 4.5 Mb [pdf]

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