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Eumig C3
Eumig C3 Eumig started their film camera production in 1932 with the C 1 for 9.5 mm film stock. The C1 was soon fllowed by the C2, also for the then popular 9.5mm format. The C3 was Eumig's first camera for the 8mm film format, using double-8 film stock. B.t.w., the "C" in the type number means Camera, just like as the "P"-series were film Projectors.

At least two versions of the C3 existed, the black version and the grey verion. It might well be that the black version dates from before WW2 whereas the grey version dates from the 1950s. The 1950s were pretty grey, at least the appliances were. But anyay, no matter whether my camera is 70 or a mere 55 years old, it still works as new, the clockwork works, it's in a like-new condition s oone could actually find some film and film a 2009s scene with this old beauty.

Type  :  Camera for double-8 movie stock
Manufactured  :  1937-1939 - black version
1948-1959 - grey version
Country of origin  :  Vienna, Austria
Number manufactured  :  300 000
Film Format  :  double-8
Lens  :  Eumigon 1:1,9 12,5mm
Aperture  :  1,9 - 16
Speeds  :  8, 16, 32
View finder  :  Optical with paralax correction and exposure meter needle blended in
Exposure meter  :  needle in the viewfinder which needs to be centred through moving the aperture lever.
Motor  :  Clockwork
Material  :  full metal
Additional features  :  Film meter counter
Connection for cable release
Tripod connector at the bottom
All C3 Series film cameras have a single-exposure mode. Simply pull the button with the remote release socket (at the back of the camera) and one single frame is taken. Pushing this button makes for normal filming action.
Dimensions  :  130 x 45 x 120 mm (l x w x h)
Weight  :  1150 Gramm
Collection status  :  keeper
Body serial number  :  439846
Eumig C3
Eumig C3

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Eumig C3

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