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Created 29 May 2009 ... Updated 29 May 2009

Eumig MINI 3 Servofocus

Eumig MINI 3 Servofocus Eumig started building movie equipment in the 1930s and continued building movie equipment, highly successfull until the 1980s.

The MINI 3 Servofocus was a Super 8 camera for the masses, very small, very easy to operate and of course battery driven. When the film is near ending, the red light in the view finder will light up. This is the very same light when as you push the "BAT" button to test the batteries.

This camera was also sold under the Bolex brand name as "Bolex 233 Compact".

Manufacturor  :  Eumig
Model  :  MINI 3 Servofocus
Type  :  Super-8 film camera
Produced  :  1974
K.D. Müller Reference  : 
Film  :  super-8 cassette
Picture size  :  super-8
Made in  :  Austria
Quantity Made  :  150 000
Original List Price  : 
Material  :  Metal and sturdy plastic
Lens  :  Eumig Vario-Viennon 1,9/9-30 Multicoated made in Austria
Filter size  :  36 mm
Focusing  :  auto (or fixed?)
Focus range  :  0,4 meter - infinity
Viewfinder  :  view finder with exposure meter and warning light
Speed  :  18 frames per second and single frame
Aperture  :  1,9
Exposure  :  Auto
Exposure meter  :  Low light level warning indicator
Winding  :  Electrical
Battery  :  2x standard AA battery in the film compartment
Film spot contact  :  none
Other  : 
Dimensions  :  180 x 47 x 80 mm excluding handle (l x w x h)
180 x 47 x 145 mm including handle
Weight  :  ~ 540 grams
Body serial number  :  7496174
Collection status  :  to be sold
Eumig MINI 3 Servofocus

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