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Bolex 18-5 Automatic
One of the most often found 8mm projector brands in Austria is Eumig, of course, it's made in Austria so presumably the price was right and for people with some respect for their country, it would be a natural choice, same as buying Philips equipment in the Netherlands. However, the second most often found projector brands is Bolex, perhaps because of the good reputation in the camera area? Because the price was right? Because of the good reputation of Swiss mechanics? My reason for buying this projector was because it got this typical late 1950s look about it, this streamlined look, put some wings on it and it could easily be mistaken for a smaller 1950s Cadillac.

Bolex 18-5 Automatic

Type  :  Projector for Normal-8 Film
Manufactured  : 
Lens  :  Paillard - Bolex  Hi-Fi  1:1.3  f=20mm  SWITZERLAND
Speeds  :  5, 18, fast forward plus Reverse (2 speeds)
Power  :  Two varieties were available:
50 Hz : 110 - 125 - 160 - 220 - 240 Volt
60 Hz : 110 - 117,5 - 125 Volt
power cord for wall outlet (no external power supply needed)
Spool size  :  Maximum 120 meter
Film Format  :  Normal-8 mm silent

documentation Documentation
Gebrauchsanweisung Projektor Bolex 18-5 automatic - 1.0 Mb [pdf]
Bolex 18-5 Projector
German, 1.0 Mb [pdf]

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