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Budapest Hungary
living ruins

Ruined Building Budapest Ruined Building Budapest

One of the nicest places to see old, decaying buildings is Eastern Europe.

My first encounter with Eastern Europe was during my 1997 cycling trip in Europe (read about it in the my life section). Suddenly I found myself cycling on an old cobble-stone road lined with nice old farmhouses, I had arrived in the former DDR, Eastern Germany. Cycling on these roads was not too comfortable but the sight made up for it. Schwerin and Dresden turned out to be two of my favourite towns during that tour, mainly due to the old, decaying buildings.

My second visit to the East was in 2001 when I was in Budapest on a business trip. The nice thing is that there are many buildings that slowly turn into ruins, if they haven't already. Most people don't have the money to maintain them and many buildings that look like ruins are actually still in use. A next trip is planned for 2002, this time by bicycle to see more of the country.

Ruined Building Budapest
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