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Ruined buildings
created 20 august 2001 - updated 29 December 2005

Pulverfabrik Dynamit Nobel AG
Saubersdorf, district Wiener Neustadt, Austria.
The first ruined buildings I came across were medieval castles, fortresses and the like. Interesting but dating from a time too long ago that I find it very difficult to build a connection with them, being unable to imagine the life at that time.

That changed when I came across some information about an old dynamite factory. The main building looks so much like the buildings that are still in use, a similar style on the outside and a familiar arrangement inside. You can imagine people sitting there, working in the office and sharing a part of their lives.

The next pages will show you a 2-dimensional representation of some of the buildings I found. Needless to say that it's so much different to actually walk around in the ruins, to discover parts of the original decoration, to see plants growing on top of the walls and in the layers of dust that are on the floor. I have also tried to get some information on the buildings. When found, it's added to the pages.

Ever since that first ruins I've been on the look-out for other modern ruins. Of course, like nearly every subject, it's also covered on the internet, check the links section for some of the best links.

Unfortunately it is as Midnight Oil sings:
   "Your dreamworld is just about to fall".
Budapest Budapest, Hungary
several ruined buildings in this beautiful city.
Greece Greece
many ruined buildings in the countryside.
Sofiensäle Sofie
an old bath and dancehall in Vienna.

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