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Voigtländer Brilliant V6
Voigtländer Brilliant V6 This camera looks like a TLR, does have two real lenses but as you can't focus the bottom lens, it really is a box camera. The viewing lens and ground glass are very clear (hence it's called a Brilliant viewfinder), very nice to use. A copy of this cameras is apparently still being produced by Lubitel.

Type  :  Box camera
Manufactured  :  1938
Lens  :  Skopar 1:4,5 F=7,5 cm with focus ring
Shutter  :  Compur, 1 - 300 and T and Bulb
Aperture  :  4,5 - 16
Film Type  :  120
Negative Size  :  6 x 6 cm
Material  :  Bakelit with "secret" door for two filters

Original prices in 1938 Deutsche Reichsmark
Voigtar 1:7,7   Singlo mit selbstauslöser, bis 1/75 sekunde   RM 29,-
Voigtar 1:6,3   Singlo mit selbstauslöser, bis 1/75 sekunde   RM 34,-
Voigtar 1:4,5   Prontor II mit selbstauslöser, bis 1/175 sekunde   RM 45,-
Skopar 1:4,5   Compur bis 1/300 sekunde   RM 58,-
Skopar 1:4,5   Compur-Rapid bis 1/500 sekunde   RM 68,-
Voigtar 1:3,5   Compur-Rapid bis 1/500 sekunde   RM 72,-
Voigtländer Brilliant V6

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