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Created 15 April 2002 ... Updated 25 September 2005

Welta Reflekta II
One of the many Rolleiflex copies produced after the War. This Czech camera has a very dark viewfinder which does not make for easy focussing. My camera's mirror also has lost quite a lot of silver, making it very hard to use so maybe I should replace it with a new mirror one day.

Welta Reflekta II

Type  :  Twin Lens Reflex camera
Manufactured  :  1952
Taking Lens  :  Meritar 1:3,5 f=75mm
Viewing Lens  :  Meritar 1:3,5 f=75mm
Shutter  :  Vebur 1 - 250 and Bulb with flash synch
Winding  :  Wheel with double exposure protection
Film Type  :  120 rollfilm
Negative Size  :  6 x 6 cm
Material  :  metal

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