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Created 19 April 2000 ... Updated 25 September 2005

Kodak Brownie 2 model F
This camera I found in a shop in London and was the first Box Brownie, or first old camera that I've ever bought. As soon as I got home, I bought a film for it and did some tests. Unfortunately I did not know then that there was an auxilary portrait lens attached so the pictures were extremely out of focus. Well, the results of this test can be admired here.

Brownie 2 model F Brownie 2 model F

Type  :  Box camera
Manufactured  :  1928 - 1935
Lens  :  Meniscus
Shutter  :  Rotary, speed 1/35 - 1/50 and bulb
Aperture  :  f16, f20 and f26
Original List Price  :  u$ 2.00
Film Type  :  120 rollfilm
Negative Size  :  6 x 9 cm
Material  :  leatherette covered aluminium
Features  :  Tripod sockets on 2 sides, for both landscape and portrait

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