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Created 9 February 2002 ... Updated 18 December 2005

Rodenstock 6 x 6 - unmarked
Rodenstock 6x6 Rodenstock was a German company that sold Welta produced cameras under their own brand name. Of course, as a currently still well-known lens manufacturer, the lenses used were produced by Rodenstock, the shutter by well-known shutter producers and the rest of the camera by the once famous German camera producer Welta. Rodenstock-labeled cameras were produced in 20 different variations between 1927 and 1938.

I've been using this camera several times. It's compactness and large negative size are great for snapshots. The lens is not bad, soft in the corners but when stopped down to f9 it's great for environmental portraits. The thing I miss most when using this camera is a focussing aid. Focussing is done by setting the focus ring to the distance your subject is on. No way to tell what will be in focus and what not unless you use one of the little tables often found in old(er) photography books. Maybe it's time to upgrade to a folder with focussing aid?

Type  :  Medium Format Folding Camera
Manufactured  :  1938
Lens  :  Rodenstock Trinar - Anastigmat 1:2.9 f=7.5 cm
Shutter  :  Compur (F. Deckel München)
1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, T, Bulb
Aperture  :  2.8, 4.5, 6.3, 9, 12.5, 18
Film Type  :  120 rollfilm
Negative Size  :  6 x 6 cm
Material  :  metal with leather bellows and covering
Made in  :  Germany
Rodenstock 6x6

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