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Created 19 April 2000 ... Updated 25 September 2005

Agfa Billy Clack 74
A collection of old cameras is not complete without at least one folding camera. the first one I bought was an Agfa Billy Record folding camera. Nothing special nor highly collective but it looks great and this one is in int condition. The art-deco front makes the Billy Clack 74 very interesting.

Agfa Billy clack 74

Type  :  Medium Format Folding Camera
Manufactured  :  1934
Lens  :  Bilinar 1:11
Shutter  :  fixed speed, bulb
Aperture  :  11, 16, 22
Film Type  :  120 rollfilm
Negative Size  :  6 x 9 cm
Material  :  Metal with leather bellows
Made in  :  Germany
Agfa Billy clack 74

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