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Canon IXUS Concept Arancia
Canon IXUS Concept Arancia This camera was one of two versions of the Canon IXUS Concept Series. The camera itself appears to be a basic plastic IXUS M but the outer shell and the packing are very interesting. The camera came in a large orange egg-shaped hard plastic box which could also be used as camera display. Arancia stands for "Orange", both in colour as well as the fruit and indeed the marketing department showed this camera laying in a basket of oranges, perhaps trying to play hide-and-seek? :o)

In the year of release, 2001 - 2002, the original price was approximately 175 Euros and the edition was limited to 20,000 cameras of each version. According to the October 2001 press release by Canon the "Design limits have been pushed higher by Canon's designers". They also called the camera Ultracompact, which is clearly not true for the Arancia version, it's fairly large, especially compared to the M1 hiding underneat the shell. Of course this camera was not meant to be used for the professional photographer but the market would rather have consisted of children and people who want to look cool, no doubt about it, these cameras do look interesting enough to buy for their design alone.

Being nothing more than a basic camera hiding in a large shell the features are fairly unspectacular:

Type  :  APS camera
Manufactured  :  2001 - 2002
Serial number  :  4760255
Formats  :  C, H, P
Lens  :  23 mm fixed, auto focus
Winding  :  automatic motor wind
Battery  :  CR2
Features  :  Display and imprint Date and Time
Flash - off, auto, red eye reduction, fill flash
Imprinting Titles such as "I love you" and "Thank you" in multiple language
Self timer
Material  :  plastic and plastic
Canon IXUS Concept Arancia

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Canon IXUS Concept Arancia

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