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Canon IXUS L-1
Canon IXUS L-1 IXUS was the line of Canon APS cameras. When the first Ixus camera came out it was the smallest if all available cameras and one of the first cameras for the Advanced Photo System. The outside was made of a light metal which was very classy and stylish and the camera was fitted with a zoom lens which basically covered the standard ranges.

The IXUS L-1 was, together with the M1 a cheaper Ixus version, with an outside in metal coloured plastic and a fixed 26 mm lens. Basically nothing special but this time, in contrary to the M1, Canon did think about a nicer design.

Since this is not one of the highly collectible IXUS versions, it's a great take-whereever-you-go camera. The lens is unexpectedly sharp, especially compared to the Fuji Nexia Q1 camera, which is more of a pretty toy, and since APS film can be had for cheap in bulk taking pictures doesn't cost much either.

Type  :  APS camera
Manufactured  : 
Serial number  :  1370983
Formats  :  C, H, P
Lens  :  26 mm / f:2.8 fixed, auto focus
Winding  :  automatic motor wind
Battery  :  CR2
Features  :  Display and imprint Date and Time
Flash - off, auto, red eye reduction, fill flash
Imprinting Titles such as "I love you" and "Thank you" in multiple language
Self timer
Material  :  plastic with plastic
Canon IXUS L-1

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